Saturday, July 28, 2007

How Jail Is

I wasn't sure what I thought jail would be like. I sorta thought it would be old and dirty and the women would fight a lot and they might beat me up or rape me or something.

But it isn't like that. The jail is clean and new and the women sometimes argue among themselves sometimes coming close to blows but never getting there. I have come in contact with a couple who were downright mean and I wanted to hit cause of the mean things they said to me.

Still a lot of the women are OK to me, usually nice. I don't usually eat everything on my trays (meals) & I make friends by giving things away.

Today for whatever reason they kept us locked down (in our cells) for most of the day. It’s been this way all week. I sit and read. I can read a book & some more every day which is bad cause they only let us go to the library once a week & you can only get 4 books at a time. I reread them after I finish them. My dreaded fear is that I will not have anything to read & be stuck with my own faults for days on end. I spend enough time thinking about how bad I have screwed up my life. It makes me think about killing myself even more.

Friday, July 27, 2007

Paintball Guns

Over ten million people play paintball annually in the US alone. Paintball is a sport where participants eliminate opponents with paintballs from a compressed gas gun, called a marker. Games can be played indoors or outdoors and the various versions of the game go by names such as woodsball, scenario, and speedball.

I found this company, Ultimate Paintball, that sells paintball products. They sell Tippmann, Spyder, Smart Parts, Dye, and Draxxus paintball gear plus many more brands which you can find on their website.

Their top selling paintball guns are Tippmann A-5, Tippmann 98 Custom, Smart Parts Ion, and Spyder Pilot ACS.

Tipmann A-5

The Tipmann A-5 is a high performance paintball marker with a patented feed system that feeds paintballs faster as you shoot faster. The marker is easy to clean and maintain with it's no tool strip feature. The gun has options to shoot fully automatic, 3 round burst, turbo, or semi. With the WAS board installed on the Egrip the A5 is capable of firing 25+ Balls Per Second.

Included in the box is

  • New Tippmann A5 Marker
  • Cyclone Ammo Hopper
  • A5 Flatline Barrel and Standard Barrel
  • A5 WAS Board Egrip
  • Tippmann A5 Double Trigger
  • A5 Tactical 6 position Adjustable Stock
  • UFD Heavy Duty Coiled Remote with Quick Disconnect On/Off
  • Padded Gun Case
  • JT Elite Goggles with Anti Fog Lens and Visor
  • New Premium 20 oz CO2 Tank with pin valve
  • Aluminum Thread Protector for Tank
  • Black 6+1 Deluxe Paintball Harness
  • 6 - 140 Round Heavy Duty Pods
  • Premium 1oz Oil
  • PhyscoBallistics Heavy Duty Jerk Squeegee
  • Allen Wrenches
  • Standard Gun Oil
  • Tippmann Barrel Condom
  • 2 Cleaning Cables for Flatline and for Standard
  • Operators Manual
  • Full One Year Warranty From Tippmann

Sunday, July 22, 2007

Six Weeks

Well, here I am at the Arlington County jail. I have been here for six weeks now. It really doesn't seem that long in some ways but every day seems to last forever.

I am here cause I got my 3rd DUI in 5 years. I almost didn't pick up the charge because I only blew a .08. The possible sentence for this was 6 months to 5 years. I got a year. My sentence was a lot worse than my lawyer thought it should be. I have to admit to being shocked over it.

I thought they might send me to the penitentiary but the judge wants me to do a treatment program in the jail called ACT. (What it stands for I don't know). I might get out a little early if I complete the program. I've been told that if I don't complete the program I might do the extra two years that were suspended. I am scared I won't be able to complete the program cause of something I screw up & lately I have trouble completing things.

I stay in fear lately. My stomach stays in knots. I worry I won't be able to make it the year. (I contemplate suicide.) I worry about what life will be on the outside as a convicted felon. I usually wish I had killed myself before I came in here.

Saturday, July 21, 2007

Alexa Rankings

Alexa has this ranking system that determines how popular a website is. Since I am at, I was initially raked 16th in popularity of all websites in world because that is where blogspot is. Then I installed this Alexa widget on the left of each page and began to have my own place in the world wide web.

So now today, Saturday, July 21, 2007 I am ranked at 1,882,058 of all websites in the world. I just need more people to visit my site for the statistics to shoot up higher. Looking at how Alexa works, while more people can give me a big jump in numbers, what will really help is if the existing visitors view multiple pages on my site. Right now Alexa claims the average visitor views 1.6 pages per visit. If I can get this to double, then my reach and rank will shoot up by 50%.

If I keep getting visitors I think I can move my rank up to the 500,000 range in the next few weeks. We'll see.

Friday, July 20, 2007

My Daily Veggies

As an alcoholic I never get all the vitamins I need. I'd like to be able to eat more vegetables, but the truth is I'm more into drinking my lunch than chewing it. That is why My Daily Veggies drink mix from Lane Labs is great for those like me in recovery who tend to relapse. Just one packet mixed with six ounces of room temperature water gives my body the boost it needs and relishes what the alcohol takes out of me. I can keep a few packets of this next to my bedside and I never even have to go into the kitchen to cook.

Now I can Drink My Daily Veggies and avoid the mess of preparing vegetables, or the mess of cleaning up a juicer. This will be great for camping which I intend to do once I get out of Jail for my DUI. It's a great camping food and much better than lugging real vegetables around in my backpack.

My Daily Veggies is mad from whole dried vegetables, not juice, with only 35 calories per serving. My Daily Veggies contains no added sugar, salt, or preservatives. You get the same fiber, the same vitamins, the same minerals, enzymes and phytonutrients as real fresh (or canned or frozen) vegetables. The only things missing are the salt and sugar that many manufacturers add when they process foods.

The ingredients include: Dried whole carrot powder, dried whole pumpkin concentrate (seedless), dried green and white whole cabbage powder, dried zucchini powder, dried red bell pepper powder, freeze-dried cucumber powder, standardized freeze-dried whole vegetable and vegetable extract blend (broccoli, broccoli sprout extract, tomato, carrot, spinach, kale, onion extract, sulforaphane, lycopene, beta-carotene, lutein, glucosinolates, onion flavonoids)

Try My Daily Veggies for Free
You can try a seven day supply of My Daily Veggies for free. Details are on the website.

Thursday, July 19, 2007

Central Park is Closed

I try to exercise here in the jail. One of the things I do is walk. We do not have access to anything that is outside in the open air. Even our basketball court is inside the high rise. There is a section of chain link fencing near the top of the outer wall that is open to the outside of the building, but there is no way to even experience life outside the walls.

So, when I walk for exercise, I walk inside. All of the female deputies are OK with this. But we have this one male guard who will not let me walk. When I try to walk he tells me Central Park is closed.

Yesterday I was not able to make any phone calls. We were on lockdown all day. There was something wrong with one of the door locks so they just shut us up all day.

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Perfume deals

I found another site, Keep Cash, with promo codes for all sorts of products. They have deals and coupons for stores like, shop4tech, Dell, NewEgg,, The Shade store, Brookstone, World of Watches, and more.

For instance, there are coupons. offers the largest inventory of genuine, brand name fragrances, skincare, candles, aromatherapy and more at the lowest possible prices. The coupon codes on the site allow for 10% off a purchase, or free shipping, or other savings.

I used to sell perfumes on eBay. Back then I sold unused bottles that I had received as gifts. I needed money and was trying to get rid of some stuff I had. I notice that has a wholesale program where they drop ship perfume. Maybe I should get back into the perfume business again. They also have an affiliate program. Either way I could start up an online perfume business.

But as far as perfumes for now, they sell all brands including White Diamonds, Fendi, Casual, Sung, Jessica McClintock, Euphoria, L'air Due Temps, Tommy Bahama, Exceptional, Noa Perle.

They also have a full selection of minis, like the mini Paloma Picasso in the .16 oz size. This fragrance was introduced in 1984 and has many florals along with citrus, woods, and greens. This is an intense scent for evening use and you can expect it to last about 16 or more hours.


Today was commissary day. Yesterday some people went to the library, but I didn't get a library slip. That is about all here is to the week except for TV, meals, and sleep. Jail is boring.

Next week I should be moving to the other side so I can start my ACT classes and begin to get out of here in a few months.

Monday, July 16, 2007


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Saturday, July 14, 2007

My head is not fuzzy

I have a rash on my face. It is embarrassing. I get this when I am nervous. I am filled with anxiety and despair. It's bad depression, but somehow not as bad as when I was on the anti-depression drugs. They won't give me my regular medications in here.

My head seems clearer, not as fuzzy as when I am taking my meds. Maybe I should not take my meds any more ever. I like my head being clear. I just wish my anxiety would go away. What I really want is to die.

Friday, July 13, 2007

Innovative Tutor

If you want an innovative tutor for your child, try SCORE! Educational Centers. I have one just down the street from me in the Giant Shopping Center in West Falls Church.

Score has a 16 session study skills class that teaches
  • Time Management
  • Different types of Learning Styles
  • Test Preparation
  • Processing Information
When I have children, I plan to send them to Score to build their confidence and to do homework in a timely manner.

Ready for ACT

I learned today that I will not get transferred into the ACT progam until Monday, July 23, which is more than a week away. The ACT program will be substance abuse treatment for my DUI, then I will be able to ask the judge to get out of jail once this is over.

Still I have to wait a week with almost nothing to do. I stayed in bed all day today. I can't sleep, but I stayed in bed.

Peapod - Free Groceries

I found a new website with online coupons. provides coupons for over 1,500 online stores, inclding some of the largest and best. For instance, Peapod provides $10 in free groceries to first time customers.

In my area, Peapod is serviced by Giant Foods. Peapod has grown to be one of America's leading Internet grocers. Peapod is a wholly owned subsidiary of international food provider Royal Ahold, and works in partnership with Ahold USA supermarket companies including Stop & Shop and Giant Food.

Books and TV

The main way to spend my time in jail is to read books and watch TV. Yesterday I read four books. Today I fight with other inmates over which channel to watch on TV. Whoever get sto the TV first controls it. I don't get to watch what I wish very often.

There is nothing to do here. It is very boring. Jail is a punishment of isolation where we are sent as punishment. The slice of time taken from our lives, in my case nearly a year, is our punishment. At least that is the traditional view. TV, books, excersize equipment and more is used as a way of keeping the peace and controlling us. Being here is the punishment.

Then there is another school of thought that suggest we are not sent here AS punishment, but rather we are sent here FOR punishment. I do not need more torture. Being here is puishment enough.

Thursday, July 12, 2007

Math Tutors

I have a friend who had trouble with math when he was 11 and in sixth grade. I wonder if he could have been helped by math tutors.

The poor child just didn't know how to take a test. He isn't dumb. In fact he is one of the smartest people I know. But he did really, really bad on this standardized test, so in 6th grade they put him into remedial math classes. Two years later he taught himself Calculus and became a wiz at higher math.

I see it as a failing of our educational system that no teacher could take the time to realize how brilliant this guy was, but just understand he did not know how to take a test. Learning how to take a test can be as important as knowing how to do the work.

When I have children, I'll find a place like Score, and get them a math tutor.

Even more blog friends

This is really nice. I post on bulletin boards about my blog and people keep saying hello to me and welcoming me to the blogging community. Here are some new friends I have met today:

Lisa - My Thoughts, Ideas, and Ramblings
My new blog friend Lisa has another friend who is expecting twins. Lisa has wo family members who also want a dog. I'm assuming the events are unrelated.

Marissa - Marisa's Dandelion Patch
My new friend Marissa is the West Virginia Mother of an addict. She is very, very polite. Marissa is trying to get out of debt. She also thinks that Paris Hilton should not have been arrested for drunk driving. Her reasoning is sound, even if politically incorrect. We need more like her in the world.

Josh - The Sankey Stories
Josh is writing about sports, when his wife lets him.

Hotel Reservations

I recently found this great website that has Cheap Hotels.

They have different offerings like hotels, motels, resorts, vacations rentals etc. The pricing is very competative as the rates have great discounts on world wide destinations.

A friend of mine likes to stay in Atlantic City. On the weekends not only are the casino rooms not available, but they are very expensive. You have to have another place to stay if you are going to Atlantic City. Nearby Absecon is just up the road. The hotel sites claim it is five miles from the casino, but they are counting from the Marina casinos. Absecon is about eight miles form the Boardwalk casinos. You can' t walk, but this is a very short drive.

They have a Friday night rate of $99 for the Deluxe Inn (in Absecon). My friend has stayed at the Superlodge before, they rate listed there is $100 for Friday night. The city of Absecon is just 8 miles up the road from the Showboat casino. Just drive straight out of the entrance to Showboat and all the cheap hotels are on that road. It is easy to stay at a cheap room in Absecaon and drive each day to the casino to play.

The Deluxe Inn has
  • Complimentary coffee in the lobby
  • Complimentary parking
  • Complimentary wireless Internet access
  • Microwave ovens
  • Refrigerators

The SuperLodge has

  • Complimentary continental breakfasts
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This website,, has special Internet rates. What are special Internet rates? Special Internet Rates save you money. Because of the large number of lodging reservations they process, is able to negotiate special rates with the properties. They guarantee their Special Internet Rates are the lowest you can find. To secure your reservation at this low rate, they require up-front payment with your credit card. Booking a room marked as a Special Internet Rate gives you both savings and security. You can't beat that!

Don't forget to book your reservation with when you travel next time. Maybe I will see you in Atlantic City one day.

Accepted into the ACT Program

I had my interview and now I am accepted into the ACT program here at Arlington County Jail. Soon I will be moving into the other women's unit. This means that when I finish the program I can ask the judge to let me out of jail "early".

I've been told my judge sentences everyone this way and forces them to go to the ACT program.

I Love Pay Per Post

After about two weeks of waiting, I finally got approved for Pay Per Post (PPP) marketplace assignments. This means I can choose from posted opportunities that I will be paid to write about. I get paid $10 just for writing this blog entry. On the first page of the opportunities page there are $52 worth of assignments I qualify for.

Now I am a postie who writes ads on blogs. It is an interesting way to make money. I don' t have to have transportation or leave where I am, just post blog entries here. I can do up to three assignments per day. think I am going to like this.

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

More Blog Friends

I'm getting to know some people with blogs. Here are my new friends for today.

Just Julies Journal
Julie is a newlywed who is telling her secrets to the web.

The Inconvienent Truth
Leigh is helping to put an end to violence against women and their children. She engages in meaningful dialog about whatever it is that clutters her heart and mind.

The Bon Pecheur Blog
A Father of three girls tries to become a Dad.

Friday, July 6, 2007

Four Weeks

Today, Friday makes four weeks that I have been in jail. One of the gretaest problems I face is the uncertainty of when I get out and what will happen to me then. I'm here for a DUI. It's my third one in less than five years.

My actual sentence is a year. But I think I can get out earlier. I don't really know. I was told that if I woudl complete an in jail substance abuse program, called ACT, I can see the judge again. Presumably that means I can get released earlier. The ACT program is four months.

After being here for four weeks I have not been interviewed to be in the ACT program. For the first two weeks or so my case worker kept telling me he had no paperwork to indicate I should go to ACT. Now at least they have found my card. But still no interview.

So far I have moved from the medical unit to the main women's unit. I've not been allowed to go to any classes or Bible studies. I've not been able to get my interview for ACT.

Maybe they will not ever let me out. I'm really worried.

Thursday, July 5, 2007

Blog Friends

I'm trying to get to know about some other blogs. I found one called where the owner talks about pc games, movies, sports (lots of NBA), and music. He has a variety of tips about Winamp. I mainly use my iPod now, but I like Winamp and still use it on my PC some.

Another blog I have found is Skeet's Stuff, who is s true southerner who lives in Hawaii. She blogs about gardening, root beer floats, and M.C. Escher.

Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Let me write a web page for you

I will post a web page about your product or service on my blog for only $5. A third party company, Pay per Post, will handle the money. This includes a link back to your website. Hire Me via PayPerPost Direct!

PPP Direct

Pay Per Post problems

I'm having trouble with this new website called Pay Per Post that pays people to post ads on blogs. They did not approve me for marketplace ads, only direct ads. Apparently, my website is not indexed by the search engines. I need to fix this. It is ok because they gave me instructions:

Thank you for your blog submission! Unfortunately, we are unable to accept your entry because your blog is not being indexed by search engines. There may be a setting somewhere that you need to change with your host. If not, below are two web sites our users have used to help them in the process. After trying this, periodically go to Google and type "site:" Once your site appears in the search results, please re-submit your blog for review. Thank you!

So I have submited my website to Google. We will have to see if it shows up or not. Then they will pay me.

Monday, July 2, 2007

Visit From Tiffany

Tiffany came by to see me today. She is not a visitor, but she is from the county. I was going to one of her groups before I came to jail. I like Tiffany. Of the various therapists I have dealt with over the last 10 years, she is the best I have had.

I'm not sure why Tiffany came by. I don't think it was for an interview for me to get into ACT. She says she has nothing to do with ACT and cannot help me get into it. Tiffany told me I should get into the ACT progam, finish ACT, and get out of here.

Someone from the ACT program told me they would be giving me an interview this week. I hope that the holiday does nto mess that up. Friday will make a month I have been sitting here waiting to get into ACT.

Sunday, July 1, 2007

Absolute Poker Affiliate Program

I joined my first affiliate program, and I am now one of the Absolute Poker Affiliates. This means that if people want to get an account on Absolute Poker then I get a few pennies every time they play poker or blackjack.

I am not sure if I will make anything from this or not. What I am hoping for at first is to get other people to aign up as my affiliates, then I will mak a few pennies everytime they make some money.

We'll see how it goes.