Sunday, September 16, 2007

Anxiety Rising

I finally got my canteen and I have been eating a bunch of it.

I went to ACT. I had many more or one continuous anxiety attack.

Mrs. Shade sent me to the 11th floor. It is for the crazies.

They give me ativan and the attacks are going away and I sleep a whole bunch.

I have been on the 11th floor for four days now. I talked to the doctor here and I told her I am ready to go back. I even participated in a group. She called Mrs. Shade but she hasn't come up to see me.

It is Friday. Mrs. Shade came up and I get to go back tonight or Monday.

The doctor made sure I can go back tonight.

It is Saturday and I am back in ACT. They sent me back at 12PM. I am scared because the anxiety attacks are starting again. I hope they go away - if it is this Monday and I am still having the attacks I will try to hide them.

I've done a good job and no one suspects them.

It is Wednesday and they have pretty much stopped.

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