Saturday, September 15, 2007

Off Lockdown

We are off lockdown. I couldn't exercise for two whole days. Turns out it wasn't MSRA after all. The girl had an ingrown hair under her arms. She is fine.

Today my walking buddy was taken to Stafford for court. Hopefully they will bring her back. I already miss her. I feel bad for her cause she will have to sit all weekend down there and it is not only a nasty jail but she is a snitch and she is scarred to be in jail down there.

I had two anxiety attacks yesterday. They were really bad ones. I walked them off. MY counselors thought I handled them well.

I am going to ACT on Monday. My days will be full then. I won't have to stay in my cell all day. But the good thing is after I finish the four months of ACT I should be released. My judge said to come back and see her after I complete ACT and she lets everyone go. It should happen in January. Last Xmas I spent at Demeter House treatment center. This year I guess I am staying in jail.

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