Friday, October 5, 2007

Ramen Noodles at Night

I had group. I didn't talk much because they talked about drugs and I know little about them.

I have to do my admissions poster this weekend.

Mrs. Shade gave us lots of homework to do, reading stuff and writing about it.

Lunch is soon. I will take my peanut butter and jelly out because yesterday lunch was good and today I am sure it won't be. You can't have god lunch two days in a row here. I hope no one wants to borrow my peanut butter and jelly because I can't be lending it out. It gets gone and no one gives me any more. I'm not giving out food anymore so people will like me. I'm just going to stay in my room and write. No use trying to socialize with them. I have nothing in common with them anyway.

My favorite commissary food is beans and rice. I eat a little everyday. It comes in a bag and can easily be divided into three or four servings. I put hot sauce on it and it reminds me of Chipolte. I also eat ramen noodles at night with everyone else (trying to be a part of) I get two servings out f every package.

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